Event Planning Kit

Everything you need to know to plan your next event.


Congratulations on your decision to host your event in the Paesanos Portofino Room.

We’re proud to offer a festive and comfortable facility perfect for many occasions. The Portofino Room offers a private yet casual and upbeat dining experience for groups ranging in size from 30 to 60. This Planner’s Kit has been created to provide you with details about how things work. It addresses many commonly asked questions. Your event coordinator will assist you with finalizing the details of your event.

Minimum Purchase Requirement

Due to the size of the venue and staffing requirements a minimum food and beverage purchase (before tax and gratuity) is required. Minimum purchase requirements vary based on the day and time of your event. The subtotal of all food and beverage purchases will apply toward the minimum. In the event that your food and beverage purchases do not meet the minimum purchase requirement a “room rental fee” in the amount of the difference will be added to the final bill. Taxes and gratuity do not count towards the minimum purchase.

Guest Count

Your final guest count must be confirmed in writing via email no later than 3 days prior to your event. In the event that additional guests are added at the last minute the appropriate charge per head will be added to the final bill. Because we prepare food to accommodate the quantity provided in your final head count the number of guests you are charged for on the final bill will reflect the final count that you provided even in the event that fewer guests attend than expected.

Staffing and Service

The Paesanos Portofino Room offers casual service and buffet style dining. As such, guests will help themselves to the selections you have chosen for presentation on the buffet line. A small staff will be provided to ensure that your guest’s needs are met. Service of beverages at the bar by a staff member, dining room maintenance and buffet table maintenance can be expected. Table service, however, will not be provided and all beverages must be obtained by your guests at the bar from a staff member.

The Menu

The Paesanos Portofino Room offers a variety of buffet dining options as well as an option to plan a cocktail “mixer”. After choosing the option that best suits your needs and budget you will select from a list of menu options within each category to fill your buffet table (gluten free options are available on request). Additional items can be selected from our Banquet Menu to supplement your appetizer selection. Shortly after your group’s arrival the buffet table will be filled with your appetizer selections; your guests can enjoy them while we set up your entrée selections. Please note that the price per head does not include applicable taxes and gratuity.

Beverage Service

Non-alcoholic beverages are not included in the price per head. They may be purchased individually at current menu price or included for the entire group at a cost of $2 additional per head.

We offer a variety of bottled beer and wine and stock a basic bar of spirits and mixers. Options for the service of alcoholic beverages are either “hosted” or “non-hosted”. If you choose to host the bar, your guests of legal drinking age are free to order from the bar and the total of their selections will be included in your final bill. You may choose to limit the selection available to guests in this case (i.e. beer and wine is hosted while liquor is not). We’re happy to work with you to determine the best setup for your event. If you choose not to host the bar your guests will be free to purchase alcoholic beverages from the bar.

If you choose to bring your own wine a corkage fee of $12 per bottle will apply.

Please note that all guests who attend your event will be subject to the same standards for verifying legal drinking age and minimizing over-consumption as we employ in our full service restaurant. As such, any guest not able to furnish valid proof of age will not be served alcohol or be permitted to partake in any corked wine brought in by your group. In addition, if staff members determine that any of your guests have had too much to drink further service of alcohol to that individual will be discontinued.


The Portofino Room offers several dessert options for an additional price per head. The cost of dessert is not included in the buffet price per head. If you choose to make arrangements for a cake the pricing will be determined upon choosing the style and size.

You are welcome to bring your own dessert to supplement your table; a $1.50 per person outside dessert fee will apply.

Event Duration

The per-head charge (and any additional room rental fees) for your event provides you with a three hour maximum during dinner and a two hour maximum during lunch in the event space. Thus, if your event begins at 6PM you will have use of the space until 9PM. If you need additional time it will be made available at an additional charge of $150 per hour or fraction thereof. Please note that this amount is subject to the assessment of a service charge.

You may be permitted to enter the space early to place approved decorations. If you require this benefit please inform your event coordinator so that arrangements can be made.


We provide streaming music through a DMX/Pandora for Business music service. The default musical style played during all events can be described as a mix of 50’s and 60’s swing, jazz, soul and vocal standards (such as Louis Prima, Frank Sinatra and Sam Cooke). If you prefer a different genre of music please inform your event coordinator prior to your event. If you prefer to supply your own music it must be stored onto an mp3 player with a standard audio jack; we do not offer a CD player.

Live music may be permitted on a case by case basis and depending on the size of the group and style of music. As a rule only an acoustic musical act (or very lightly amplified) with no more than 3 participants will be considered. DJs will not be permitted.

Video Viewing & WiFi Access We offer the complimentary use of our DVD projector during your event. Additionally, free access to WiFi is available to your guests while in the building.


Decorations must be disclosed and approved by your event coordinator prior to use. Decorating materials must conform to local fire department regulations for materials that can be used in a commercial environment. Under no circumstances will confetti, rice or silly string be permitted.

Outside Food & Beverage

With the exception of a pre-arranged cake or wine being assessed a corkage fee no outside food or beverage will be permitted onto the premises.


Due to our location in the heart of Midtown we rely on street parking to accommodate most guests. In addition to on-street parking a non-affiliated valet service is offered on our corner. There are also several parking lots and garages within walking distance as an added convenience. It is helpful to make your guests are aware of their parking options prior to their arrival.

Deposit, Payment and Cancellation Policy

A $250 deposit is required to secure the date and time of your event. All charges, including any room fees, applicable taxes and gratuity must be paid in full at the conclusion of your event.

Additionally, you will be required to provide a current and valid credit card; a credit card authorization form will be provided. If you prefer to use an alternative method of payment on the day of your event please notify your event coordinator.

A minimum of 14 days advance notice is required to cancel your event with no penalty. Your $250 deposit becomes non-refundable 14 days prior to your event.


An 8.5% sales tax will be applied to the final bill.

Service Charge

A 20% service charge will be added to the final total of all food and beverage purchases, including those made at a no-host bar.

Damage to Facility

You are responsible for any damage done to the premises or any items therein that is done during the duration of your event by any member of your group or any independent contractor you employ (such as a photographer).

Lost or Damaged Items

Paesanos will not assume any responsibility for the damage or loss of any items or articles left in the restaurant prior to or following your event, including decorations, cakes, floral arrangements, photographs, etc…

Immediate Termination of Your Event

Paesanos reserves the right to close the bar immediately and/or terminate the function entirely without the benefit of any refund if any of the following circumstances arise:

  • Any guest is found to have alcohol in his or her possession that was not purchased from Paesanos
  • Any minor is found to be in possession of or has consumed any alcohol on the premises
  • Any guest is found to be in possession of or has used any illicit drugs or controlled substances
  • Any guests engage in intentional vandalism or destruction of Paesanos property
  • Any guests engage in lewd or inappropriate behavior while on the premises
  • Any guests engage in violent or threatening behavior on the premises
  • Any other circumstance that management feels warrants the closure of the bar or the termination of your event

Pricing and Details Subject to Change

Event pricing (including applicable taxes and gratuity) as well as any of the details presented in this planner’s kit are subject to change. Event pricing will not be considered “final” until an event contract has been signed.